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Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Mercedes-Benz recently launched its new ML63 AMG. Last month, the high-quality carmaker GL63 AMG launched in Germany. Three-star Company has kept its word to bring more cars held a few months back in Auto Expo. The already powerful M-Class is now marked more powerful with the ML63 AMG. It has massive front air intakes, quadchrome exhaust pipes and lined the entire automotive famous AMG badge. The majestic power of 525bhp AMG ML63 figures furnace of 5.5 liters and generating torque of 700nm.


This series of models is very attractive and has many elements adorned on his body, which makes it more attractive. The facade is quite large and has a wide grille, to improve the body a much bigger picture. Moreover, this goal has three blades that are chrome and improvised the brightness of this car. A large air intake is also integrated for better engine cooling. There are LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights with projectors that are integrated into the grouping of the LEDs on the front.


The 250 CDI is equipped with 18 AMG wheels (18-inch wheels), 10-spoke with them, they are made of light alloy and they are very popular. These tires are covered with a series of radial tubeless tires of size 255/55 R18. The high-end variant was secured with 19-inch wheels and five-spoke alloy and has a titanium gray finish too. These are integrated into a set of tubeless tires size 265/45.

Engine and performance

This series consists of two diesel variants and one petrol. The top end diesel control is equipped with a 3.0-liter engine; it has six cylinders and twenty-four valves inside. It has a displacement capacity of about 2987cc. You can generate a maximum power of 258bhp at 3600rpm and a maximum torque output of 619nm can beat up at 2400rpm 1600th Description base 250 CDI is equipped with a diesel engine with 2.2 liters of the cubic capacity of 2143cc capacity. It can produce a maximum power at 4200rpm and a torque 203.2bhp can generate power of 500 Nm 1600-1800 rpm. Furthermore, the gasoline hasthe AMG adjustment is integrated with a 5.4-liter engine has a displacement of 5461cc.

Braking and handling

The SUV is equipped with an efficient braking system that provides a high degree of stability and control of the device. The front wheels are equipped with internally ventilated disc brakes, while the rear wheels are fitted with standard disc brakes with calipers. An enhanced mechanism of an antilock braking system with brake force distribution is integrated into the reasons for the stability. It is supported with additional braking support. A traction control system and electronic stability are integrated for more efficient management. The diesel variants and high gasoline with Airmatic suspension offered while setting the base level has a steel suspension, several modes have damping systems to choose from.

Security and safety

A total of 6 airbags is mounted in the cabin of the series with two adaptive front airbags. AMG has been decorated in its seven airbags. There are airbags in the knees for the driver offered any hassle to avoid and more comfortable for the knees offer while driving, especially when the road is long. Airbags and two large windows were installed for extra protection against any kind of side impact.

How To Pick The Right Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle MechanicMotorcycle mechanics play a crucial role in ensuring that your motorbike gives you the lasting services that you need, by providing repair and other required services. Due to the increased use of motor bikes among people, there has been a rise in the number of the mechanics in the market because of the high demand. With the increased number of mechanics, it can be a daunting task to select the right one to provide high quality services for your motorcycle. It is, therefore important to have knowledge on how to choose from the pool of motorcycle mechanics, in order to have a guarantee that you will get the best services. Below are some of the things you need to look for in order to get a good deal for your motorcycle.

Experience and reputation:

It is advisable to choose a mechanic that has several years of experience in servicing motorcycles. This is because a mechanic with several years of experience has more knowledge and skills on how to provide better motorcycle services than someone who just got out of school. It is also good to consider the reputation the mechanic has in providing quality motorcycle services. You can get this information from other clients who have used their services.


Motorcycle mechanics charge a wide range of prices for the services they provide. There are some who charge a high price, while others may charge a low price as a way of attracting new customers. It is advisable to select a mechanic who charges an affordable price according to your budget. However, take care to watch for those motorcycle mechanics who may charge a very low price and provide poor services.


A good mechanic will always adhere to the law. Before hiring a mechanic to service your motorcycle, ensure that he is licensed to provide the services. This is another guarantee that the mechanic can provide quality services because the government usually provides licenses only to qualified mechanics.

Availability of tools and time:

Efficient motorcycle mechanics have enough tools on their premises to undertake any work in order to meet the diverse needs of their customers. You need to select a mechanic with all the required tools and spare parts, in order to get the motorcycle services required more effectively. It is also good to choose the one that will provide the motorcycle services required within the shortest time possible.

So as you can see from all we have mentioned, do not just drop your bike off at the first shop that you encounter. When you need the services of a qualified mechanic, do a little bit of homework and this will serve you well.

Auto Body Repair Shops for Your Unique Car Repairs

One of the biggest misconceptions about specialty shops and your standard tire and lube shop is that they are one in the same. Auto body repair shops are specialty shops where you can have your non-standard car repair needs met. For example, if your car needs classic restoration, sunroof installation, upholstery, paint jobs, or custom graphics, then a specialty shop is where you need to go.

Tire and lube shops are much different in the nature of the services that they provide. For example, these shops handle your oil changes, tire rotation, inspections and repairs, brake work, etc. Although sometimes you may find that a tire and lube shop will offer specialty services, it may, in fact, be in your best interest to take your car to a specialty shop. That will ensure that your car is in the best hands possible for whatever unique service your car requires.

Special Situations

Typically, when people think of auto body repair shops, they think of basic restoration. However, specialty repair shops are also ideal for specific instances such as car accidents, minor fender benders, and weather damage. For example, if you experience hail damage after a storm or happen to notice a few nicks on your car after parking in a public lot, these are precisely the types of issues that a specialty shop is equipped to remedy.

Focus on Service, Not the Price

Although auto body repair shops are the better choice for your specialty car repairs, you should be aware that such craftsmanship could be pricey. However, that depends solely on the nature and scope of the work that you are having done. Being aware of this will help deter you from haggling with the mechanic as they often cannot control the pricing of your particular repairs. Unlike standard car services, like purchasing and installing a new set of tires, specialty services require the procurement of the materials needed to fulfill your unique order, and that can be costly.

In addition, you should be sure to take the time with the mechanic to review the line items of your estimate. The thing to remember here is, while you may not fully understand the intricacies of the repair process, the time that the mechanic takes to explain to you what is indeed necessary to repair your car is a part of the valuable and unique service that you are paying for.

Car Repair Service – Finding a Quality Repairer

Sourcing a reliable and trustworthy car repair service is an important part of owning a car. Most of us know how to drive our cars but know little about the complex workings that go on under the bonnet, or in the computer systems of our car.

The cost of major repairs is much greater than the relatively small expense of having a minor car service once, or twice a year, depending on how frequently you drive you car.

We rely heavily on the expertise and knowledge that our car repair mechanic provides, thus having a service that you can trust and ask questions, no matter how simple they might seem, will help you to maintain your car, and extend the life of your cars parts.

Keeping your car running reliably and even extending its life can be achieved by finding a quality car repair service mechanic and maintaining regular servicing. Your mechanic is there to look out for potential issues, and to undertake any repairs to make your car safe.

Regular servicing is the best preventative as it means all of the major systems within your vehicle are being assessed by a professional on a regular basis, and the moving parts are keep well lubricated to reduce wear and tear. This can actually extend the life of your vehicle, as well as helping to maintain its value and reliability.

As well as being able to perform standard repairs on your vehicle, a car repair business can also offer many other car services including:
– safety checks
– LPG gas conversions
-diagnosis of electronic problems
-log book servicing
-tune ups

Look for a repairer who has been recommended or approved by your local motoring body. This means the business will have been reviewed to ensure that it meets standards for both service and experience.

A further level of assurance can be achieved by selecting a mechanic who provides guarantees, or warranties on work performed. Usually these warranties will cover both repairs as well as parts for a given period of time, or for a certain number of kilometers, whichever occurs first.

Why to Hire Boat Service Professionals

There are several boat repair companies around the world especially in the coastal areas where boats are used for transportation, fishing and serving several purposes. These companies specialize in mending damaged boats of all sizes. With fiberglass being used to manufacture boats, the repair servicing companies are accordingly equipped with the manpower that excel in repairing fiberglass boats as well as the accessories that go along with the boat. The varied merits for hiring a boat repair service provider are –

• Professional help – Those who are a part of such boat repair servicing teams, have prior experience with handling fiberglass boats and the ways to repair them. They are aware of the ways fiberglass helps in the safekeeping of the boat and thus accordingly provide professional help to the boats that have visible damages due to corrosion, collision, and any other major issues that don’t let the boat function well.

• Good quality raw material – When a service team notices a crack or worn off area on the body of a fiberglass boat, they make sure that the entire sheet of the fiberglass is removed, and a new sheet is placed in its place. Keeping the old sheet may result in further damage resulting in problems shortly. The quality of fiberglass that they replace with is of the best quality ensuring that it would last as long as possible due to its tensile strength.

• Better technology – The service team uses the best technology and the machines to detect and look for loopholes in a fiberglass boat. They also use the best equipment to replace fiberglass sheets in necessary and accordingly reapply the gel coat to make it look and feel as new.

• Transformed look – When a fiberglass boat goes out for repair and maintenance, there is always a lookout for cracks, scratches, dents that could be a result of varied causes such as environmental problems, accidents while on water, etc. The teams of professionals who intend to repair such problems give a refurbished look to the boat by replacing worn out fiberglass with new ones and applying new gel coat to make it as strong as now and letting it last for a longer period.

• Maintenance of accessories – A boat comes along with varied accessories like a trailer that helps the boat to move from the land to the water and thus they too require necessary maintenance due to contact with salt water and other possible kinds of disturbances that may lead to improper functioning of the trailer and the accessories. These service providers provide equal help to the boat as well as the accessories.