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Reasons to Use a Professional Auto Paint Shop

One of the guaranteed ways to give your car a new touch of class and elegance is having it painted by a professional. Due to the complexity of this task, it is recommendable to find an auto paint shop that is reputable and legally accredited. Here are some of the benefits of seeking professional services.

Right Tools and Equipment

Although deciding to paint your own car is a viable idea, it will take more than purchasing a can of paint and a brush. Professional auto painting experts have modern tools and equipment that they use on a daily basis. By hiring them, you will save money that you would have spent purchasing these tools. In addition, they have the skills and ability to operate the equipment. Hence, you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands.

Right Type of Paint

Nowadays, there are hundreds of varieties in the market, and this makes it quite overwhelming and tedious to choose the right one. Experts in this field know the pros and cons associated with each paint variety. Hence, they can help you choose one that suits your personal tastes and preferences as well as the model of your car.

Right Color Choice

The best auto paint shop has the equipment and skilled personnel to create and mix a wide variety of colors. Thus, you are not limited to just one specific color. If you want to conceal some scratches, the expert will give you a color mix that perfectly matches the existing color of your car.

Custom Services

Although plain solid colors are still very popular, most customers, especially the young generation, prefer customized auto paint services. Facilities that offer this service can customize the color and general appearance of the car to fit your specifications. Some of the factors that are put into consideration when choosing a design include bumper, handles, wheels, and car model.

Below are some of the factors that you should consider when looking for an auto paint facility.

Choose Accessibility

To save time and money, it is recommendable to choose a facility that is located close to your residential area or workplace.

Get Several Cost Estimates

One of the best ways to avoid overcharges is to get cost estimates from different auto shops. Take your time comparing prices to find one that best suits your budget. Needless to say, the cost should be close or directly proportional to the quality of the service.

Ask Questions

Do not walk into your preferred facility with your pocketbook open; ask questions before they start working on your car to avoid any inconveniences down the road. For instance, ask if the shop offers a written guarantee. Most facilities offer a three-year warranty for complete car paint jobs and a two-year warranty for bodywork.

Choosing the right auto paint shop is one of the best ways to take good care of your car. Make sure that you consider each of these factors to make the right decision.

Finding Reliable Car Recovery Services for Luxury Cars

Luxury cars, given their price tags, are built for optimum performance and service reliability. However, no matter how expensive a car is, even if it comes with unlimited warranty, it will eventually fail its driver in some way or another. The most frustrating would be when it refuses to cooperate and just get stalled in the middle of the road. Embarrassing, right? What would you not give just to have a gigantic hand pick your car up and bring it to the nearest shop then save you from the hassle and stress of a car breakdown?

Good thing that there are auto bodyshops that has car recovery services especially for expensive car types such as race cars, sport cars and also super cars. This market is already growing and it would not be as difficult to find recovery help today as with a few years back since more and more shops have already specialized in recovering Porches, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Aston Martins.

However, finding this kind of service is not enough. There are a lot of considerations to avoid dealing with inefficient service. Thus, it is very important to know how to spot a service provider that is the best when it comes to convenience, satisfaction and reliability.

  • Remember you own an expensive car and it is not just any other car. Thus, it should also have a special kind of treatment: aside from the recover-repair package, among the things that you need to check is if the shop has a certification to do repairs to luxury cars so as to not lose their authenticity or depreciate their value.
  • Go for a shop that has already been tested by a friend or somebody you know. Testimonials from strangers can be reliable but feedback from people you know especially those whose judgment you trust can be more than helpful in giving you an idea how reliable that shop’s service would be.
  • Choose a shop that offers convenience. A car breakdown is already a very stressful incidence. Do not make things worse by getting a shop that fails to offer optimum customer satisfaction.
  • It should also be able to respond immediately. Thus, it should easily be contacted anytime when you need its services. A good indication is that it has a very accessible hotline that you can call.
  • Most importantly, always have the contact number of the car recovery shop of your choice as you do not know when lady luck would frown on you. And if you still do not have a particular car recovery shop in mind, it would be best if you already start scouting now. You can start with the car shop that you frequently go to as it might already have a car recovery package that you can avail when the need arises.

Thus, when you’re heading to your office one morning or you get stuck in the middle of nowhere for your car won’t start, or you would like to service your car but do not have the time to bring it on the shop, immediately contact the most reliable recovery shop that you have identified using the points given above. In this way, you will be assured of getting reliable car recovery and other bodyshop / maintenance services, and that your car is also in good hands.

Protect The Finish On Your Car With Detailing

Finish On Your Car With DetailingWhether you wash your car every week or leave this job to the rain, you can extend its life and improve its appearance by periodically deep cleaning or detailing it. With modern car payments going on for up to 72 months, you want your car to look great while you’re paying for it and beyond. As Mike Schutlz, head of new products at Turtle Wax says, “Think of the surface of your car as you would your face. It needs to be properly taken care of in order to have a healthy glow.”

Properly restoring your car to showroom-new condition is a labor-intensive job that you can attempt at home or entrust to the pros who have the experience, equipment, and supplies on hand to do it right. Detailing goes far beyond a car wash and includes several steps, whether it’s you or your body shop doing the work.

Good detailing starts with the interior and includes totally cleaning the upholstery, dash, ducts and glass. Most people can do this part, but it is the exterior that may need the help of the pros.

Detailing The Outside Of Your Car

  1. Start with a car wash, using a car wash solution, rather than dishwashing detergent that will strip away wax and leave your finish subject to nicks, scratches, and stains. Start from the top down and make sure to concentrate your efforts on lower panels that collect abrasive dirt. After washing, wipe the surface with a rubber blade squeegee that removes the last touch of minerals and dirt from the finish or with a thick, soft terry towel or chamois.
  2. Clean your wheel wells with an all-purpose cleaner, followed by final dressing. Make sure to wash wheels too, avoiding acid-based cleaners on polished alloy wheels or clear coated wheels. Make sure to gleam up chrome wheels with a glass cleaner or metal polish.
  3. Run your hand across the finish to feel for signs of roughness, which indicates that old wax, bird droppings, and other contaminants have bonded to the paint. Clean with paint cleaner or by rubbing a small block of paint cleaning clay, lubricated with liquid-cleaner wax, over the finish. If you use a paint cleaner, make sure it is safe for clear coat finishes.
  4. After cleaning, polish with an oscillating polish machine. The pros use a rotating buffer, which can harm the paint if you are unfamiliar with the process. Polishing will hide small scratches and feed the paint with oil that prevents it from drying out. If you find deep scratches, make sure to put your car in the hands of a pro. Once done, the pros measure the results by holding a ruler perpendicular to the car surface to see how high a number they can read as a measure of glossiness!
  5. With all the major steps done, you should finish up by cleaning the tires with white wall cleaner, followed by tire dressing.

Why Consider Professional Detailing?While anyone with a free afternoon, an armful of car care products, and the willingness to stick with it can adequately detail a car, it is tempting to skip a few steps that might not seem important. Even with car care, the “devil is in the details” and it is the small things, like using the right product in the right place and removing any excess, that make a difference. Considering that a car is a major investment, many owners find that professional detailing is a worthwhile investment at least annually.

Auto Detailing – Why Keep Your Car Clean?

San Diego is rich in things to do, with beaches, foothills, mountains, state parks with camping, fishing, hiking, and an array of agricultural fields. The best part of it all being in one central area is that your car could take you on a fantastic trip! It is also a known fact that just as much as you want to go to all those exciting place you want to keep the value of your car and keep it running and looking its best. I am sure with all those cool places you get to go your car gets a little dirty! Find an  Auto Detailing close by to keep your car looking it’s best and keeping its value!

If you are someone who enjoys road trips, but who also worries about the consequences it may have for your car, just follow some simple guidelines and you will have no worries!

The primary thing that every car owner should do is keep on the scheduled maintenance for your car. The first is to get the oil and oil filter changed on a regular basis. It is recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 miles. Also changing the air filter frequently is important as well. You want to avoid clogs in your air filter since the air filter helps your car breathe easy and keeps the engine running longer.

Another aspect to check is your tire pressure. This is not only important for the longevity of your tires and helping your car run smooth but also in getting the best fuel economy.

It is also important that you make a conscious effort to drive better. Avoid coming to quick stops and taking off sharply, it’s not good for the engine!

All of these tips will help you maintain the value in your car; however the simplest way to keep the value in your car is by washing it. Who knew? The saying “looks aren’t everything” goes out the window when looking at a car. Especially in a place like San Diego where you car can accumulate a lot of grime and grit from the wonderful places you get to see. This is one of the top reasons that someone will or will not buy a car, thus presenting a great and simple way to maintain the value of your car. Protecting the value of your car is only one reason to wash it also.

Check out the other reason you should keep your car clean:

1. Washing your car regularly will prevent build up and erosion from forming on your car.

2. Keeps the bugs that hit your car from corroding the paint from the acids that are found in them.

3. Cleaning the wheels gets rid of the road grime and brake dust that accumulates on them which can lead to other major problems.

4. Keeps it shining by waxing after each wash.

5. It makes you feel better! Having a clean car will represent a nice, clean and happy you!

If you really have a desire to keep your car looking and running its bust, you should take your car to a professional  Auto Detailing! They will really get your car looking great. They are in the business and know just what needs to be done. By taking to a professional detailer you will an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.