Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Mercedes-Benz recently launched its new ML63 AMG. Last month, the high-quality carmaker GL63 AMG launched in Germany. Three-star Company has kept its word to bring more cars held a few months back in Auto Expo. The already powerful M-Class is now marked more powerful with the ML63 AMG. It has massive front air intakes, quadchrome exhaust pipes and lined the entire automotive famous AMG badge. The majestic power of 525bhp AMG ML63 figures furnace of 5.5 liters and generating torque of 700nm.


This series of models is very attractive and has many elements adorned on his body, which makes it more attractive. The facade is quite large and has a wide grille, to improve the body a much bigger picture. Moreover, this goal has three blades that are chrome and improvised the brightness of this car. A large air intake is also integrated for better engine cooling. There are LED daytime running lights, bi-xenon headlights with projectors that are integrated into the grouping of the LEDs on the front.


The 250 CDI is equipped with 18 AMG wheels (18-inch wheels), 10-spoke with them, they are made of light alloy and they are very popular. These tires are covered with a series of radial tubeless tires of size 255/55 R18. The high-end variant was secured with 19-inch wheels and five-spoke alloy and has a titanium gray finish too. These are integrated into a set of tubeless tires size 265/45.

Engine and performance

This series consists of two diesel variants and one petrol. The top end diesel control is equipped with a 3.0-liter engine; it has six cylinders and twenty-four valves inside. It has a displacement capacity of about 2987cc. You can generate a maximum power of 258bhp at 3600rpm and a maximum torque output of 619nm can beat up at 2400rpm 1600th Description base 250 CDI is equipped with a diesel engine with 2.2 liters of the cubic capacity of 2143cc capacity. It can produce a maximum power at 4200rpm and a torque 203.2bhp can generate power of 500 Nm 1600-1800 rpm. Furthermore, the gasoline hasthe AMG adjustment is integrated with a 5.4-liter engine has a displacement of 5461cc.

Braking and handling

The SUV is equipped with an efficient braking system that provides a high degree of stability and control of the device. The front wheels are equipped with internally ventilated disc brakes, while the rear wheels are fitted with standard disc brakes with calipers. An enhanced mechanism of an antilock braking system with brake force distribution is integrated into the reasons for the stability. It is supported with additional braking support. A traction control system and electronic stability are integrated for more efficient management. The diesel variants and high gasoline with Airmatic suspension offered while setting the base level has a steel suspension, several modes have damping systems to choose from.

Security and safety

A total of 6 airbags is mounted in the cabin of the series with two adaptive front airbags. AMG has been decorated in its seven airbags. There are airbags in the knees for the driver offered any hassle to avoid and more comfortable for the knees offer while driving, especially when the road is long. Airbags and two large windows were installed for extra protection against any kind of side impact.